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Fraction in time (short story) pt 2


Natasha is staring at one of the most fabulous men she has ever seen in her life.

Always having a one track mind she had to focus on the task at hand. Finding out who this man was and why was he calling her Sally? 

After walking for a while she decided to take a jab at the question of night. Who was he? 

There she was walking hand and hand with Mr. White chocolate of the universe and she didn’t even know his name. Let alone where he was taking her. She cleared her throat “So, babe. Where are we going on this fine evening?” Mr. White chocolate smiled a wonderful full pearly teeth smile “Well my Nubian princess I’m taking us to an exclusive night spot my business associate told me about in strict confidence.” After giving her another sexy smile he pointed down the road to big Parisian building. 

Satisfied with the answer she decided to take the journey. What could happen right?

After another ten minutes they had arrived at their destination.  The place had beautiful stone pillars and marble white floors.  The atmosphere was above any fine dining restaurant she had ever seen in real life. But this wasn’t her real life. 

This was Sally’s life. 

The maitre d’ looked at his clipboard and gave herself and Mr. Jonathan Frantz a motion to come take their seating. Natasha whispered his name twice in her mind. “Jonathan Frantz, Jonathan Frantz”. 

She took a her seat graciously and allowed Jonathan to do the ordering for them both. Hell, the menu was in French and the only thing she knew how to say in French was “wee wee”. And that didn’t even mean yes yes so she was basically shit out of luck on communicating her dinner preferences.

After a light pause her pretend man of the hour took both her hands into his and asked her ” do you love me?” Completely caught off guard and immediately petrified she replied with the only answer that seemed appropriate. “Yes, yes Jonathan I do, but why are you being so serious? Is there something in the wine that’s making you loopy?”. He chuckled at her response and stood up with his glass in hand tapping the sides. 

“Can I get everyone’s attention please?” He continued “I  love this woman with every bone in my body. With every beat of my heart and every fiber of my being. And Sally if you will do me the honor of becoming my wife I will spend every waking moment of our days never letting you forget what a beautiful woman you are. And how happy you have made me.” He got down on one knee then the maitre d’ hands him a box and out comes the most fabulous stone she has ever seen. It was gorgeous. 

Natasha stood up with tears in her eyes and answers ” Oh Jonathan! The honor is all mine”. Instantly he picks her up and gives her a kiss that sent shivers down her spine. She was waiting for the kiss but she didn’t know it was going to make her panties moist. Placing her back down on the ground he puts the ring on her finger.

Just as the crowd is applauding and cheering reality sets in. This is not her life. This is not her man and she is not Sally…

Part 3 coming soon

C. L Cunningham 

20 Reviews 


Thank you to everyone who downloaded my new book! It is still on sale in Kindle. 

Unfortunately I’m still in need of reviews. (Those pesky things) and if you can spare as little as 3 mins of your time. I would love it if you could drop an Amazon review.

C. L Cunningham 

Positive not


Life is crazy.

How many times have I seen positive things in a world of nut cases and fruit loops. And I don’t mean the kind that is edible.  

I mean seriously some of the things in this life are not only unnecessary but down right sick and messed up!…

How many times do I have to be owed something and just give a… your still alive pass because I didn’t put a spell on you? And I could have.

How many times do I have to calm my spirit of darkness and show light and mercy to a universal energy that calls for, lives in, plays in, and basically lays in corruption and wickness?

Each day is different. Some days get to me more than most. Especially when right is right. And wrong is wrong. 

I’m thankful that even in my darkest hour I’m given a sense of peace and hope for wrongs to be made right and the devil inside of my ego to calm down.  

I’m not always positive but it is a blessing when I can find the positive side of life. 

Today I’m going to zen out the rest of this day. I’m prayed up and waiting on a better way.

C. L Cunningham 

Pay it forward 


As the summer whines down. It’s easy to get busy preparing for the holiday season.

I’m the kind of  person who gets the giving bug as soon as the commercials start talking about Halloween. It definitely becomes the season to start giving for me.

Well even though it’s great to give anytime of the year. The holidays shouldn’t be the only time of year to give.

I’ve come across some organizations that are giving back and raising awareness.
Everyone can give a little to any organization that is focusing on positive outreach and the betterment of the community.

And I put together this small group of organizations to rise awareness and start the giving season early.

Hopefully one or more of these has sparked your interest. Please check them out and see the great work that they are providing.

C. L Cunningham

Today’s Happiness 


Have you ever had a moment of happiness? I’m not talking about a little bursts of joy. But a real feeling of goodness rushing over your body.

The kind of feeling that puts an instant smile on your face.  Its like everything around is great. Your hearing birds singing.  The neighbor’s dog is barking and you don’t even care. Your just enjoying the moment.  

And then out of nowhere…boom bam bang.


That good ol negativity starts to creep up. 

It doesn’t matter how or where it comes from, but surprise surprise it’s making it’s entrance right as your mind is at ease.

I’m one of those types of people. The type that tends to let joy stealers and peace takers come and ruin my otherwise happy existence.

 I sometimes fall into the never-ending cycle of happy and non happiness. But today I’m going to refuse to allow anyone to steal my good mood.

Let today be it’s own day of happiness. Find anything that makes you smile and hold on to it like the most expensive gift you’ve ever received. 

C.L Cunningham 

Smiling on the inside 



When writing is all I can do not to think of you…

Writing about my days and my nights.

Writing about my wrongs and my rights.

Writing about the things that have little impact on my mind.

It’s easier to think thoughts that have nothing to do with you.

Why? Why run away from the scenes replaying in my brain?


Why bury the pain that I’m feeling without you?

Hell,why not?

What did me loving you ever get me?

Wet panties and a hard on for fake promises.

And why is it that I don’t mind that at all.

The little that you do. The distance you create.


The way you’ve made me chase you farther than I’ve ever made you run.

When writing is all I can do to remove you…


But once again here you are and I still haven’t let go.



C.L Cunningham