The war within 

I’m literally my worst enemy. I’ve known that for a lonnnnng time. I always wondered why certain people followed nobody on social media. Like how fun is that. But I’m slowly finding out it that it’s not just who you follow that makes it enjoyable. It’s how you internalized what you see. 

I’m soft. I like soft shit (still working on my cursing) and I I like rainbows and butterflies. Hell I like being naive. Just let me skip my wack ass into traffic if it means not putting me down in the process of saving me. 

I like my sarcasm and bf’s (bitch fits). In saying those things. I know there’s things to change and a better way to be. I’m human contrary to popular belief. Maybe human with a twist 😂. 

Everyone has a good and bad side that’s duality. And sometimes my bad out weighs my good. I’m still working on being true to that either way. I’m thankful for God, still even on my sad days. But I don’t want to be a fake Christian. I want to be real in my walk toward Christ. If I hide the bad then I’m denying many people to see that you can start bad and actually end up good. Plus me without 🌬 is just uncivilized at this moment. Doesn’t mean I won’t stop just means I’m not ready for that part yet. 

If I’m any proof at all. I’m proof the struggle is real and fight is literally happening everyday. I’m moody, I’m happy, I’m goofy, I’m semi attractive, I’m annoying, I’m funny (at least to myself) but I’m here. Most of all I’m just like any of you. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

C. L Cunningham

Mistake maker

 (I’m gonna have to forgive myself for most of this post😂)

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