Wouldn’t it be nice


Wouldn’t it be nice if our nations leaders were all love driven? I ask this question because in the book The Disappearance Of The Universe there’s many parts that talk about the peace I have been calling to see in all governmental facilities. The God we have been given is a God of love. But has been made out to be something else. We have to forgive that thought pattern of our ancestors and come into a new way.

I’m not going to say I will see it in my lifetime but I wouldn’t mind it. I’m sure others feel the same. If we slowly removed any leaders that aren’t in the mindset of love for everyone. And instead of a money and power leadership we would have a more forgiving tolerant experience. 

Love builds strong foundations. When living in love no judgement is available. Then all ways and all things could come together. It really all could be so simple if people would do this. There’s not much to forgive when you live in a place or mindset that wants everyone and everything to live the best experience. 

C. L Cunningham 

Wishful thinker and lover of happy endings ✨

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