My journey to find Kandee has definitely sent me where I had absolutely no idea I would go. I started as a person who was lost. Mentally lost. I blamed the world and others for a lot of flaws that I mirrored myself. 

I was torn between what I wanted in a relationship and what I was giving. A lot of which was a mirror image also. I lived for myself. I had started to look for success on a level of greed and need instead of self worth. I felt I wasn’t worthy in many ways and the pressure became too much. 

Someone put that I could have been verified if I didn’t delete or change my original Instagram. They were right in saying that. I could have been or not have been. That’s the beauty of life. One decision always leads to another. I’ll start again on that level (and look for marketing tools to help 😎). 

What I found so far is that I’m happy again. I found my path again. I ran from being a minister and still ended up ministering. Funny how the predestined script works. I’m learning to live a guilt free and forgiving existence. Thankful for God’s grace. Thankful for another day and thankful for all of you following along on my path. The good out weighs the ugly. The ugly has been forgiven. 

I decided to be vegan. Mostly for healthier options and saving animals sounds great too. (Still trying to be a superhero of sorts lol) I haven’t lost diary but that’s my choice and I’m okay with it, and I’m still learning better ways to eat even as a vegan unhealthy choices are there. I’m not perfect and I forgive myself for that as well. I learned that the choice is mine and mine alone. My wants to go back to heaven has given me a guide in my life. I finally want to live instead of seeking death at every moment. 

Excited to see the next chapter. I think I’ll continue to write. I might become a helper of enlightenment. (I certainly hope so)and I’ll still be finding myself but at least this time I won’t have visors on blocking my vision. 

C.L Cunningham 

Rebuilding and it’s going to be great! 😍

Wishing you all a happy and motivational Monday 

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