The Queen of the F word


I’m deep diving into the wonderful book that I bought at the library. It’s seemly abstract way of telling a story is teaching me wonderful new ideas for my life. 

Normally the skeptic I decided to read it with no judgement. I wanted to just attain any knowledge that it could bestow me. I’m halfway through the book and I’m so grateful to the writer Gary R Renard. His dedication to writing it shows me that some journeys take longer than others and that I need to forgive myself for any guilt that I place on myself daily. 

Like the guilt I felt for being a procrastinator. It’s being forgotten because I’m not mad at it. It will soon be forgotten because I would have forgiven it. 

As I continue to forgive myself and other things I will ultimately find what I’m looking for. My new F word is forgiveness. 

C. L Cunningham 

Living a new way everyday (happy Friday ya’ll 😉🌥)

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