I seen a vlog yesterday and the man spoke of moments where you have a epiphany. And he spoke about higher senses of self. Or third eye awakening. He has a pretty cool take on the universe.Infinate Water vlog has been helping me think different from my regular kind of dreary self motivating self. 

Well today I had a thought or epiphany. What is the universal governmental forces? And it lead me to a letter recomposed from a website siting Albert Einstein as the author. It was a letter wrote to his daughter that had passed on at the age of three. I don’t know if it was written before or after her death because I didn’t research it. Honestly I didn’t question it’s authenticity in the moment. 

I just read it.

It talked about how the universe or planet earth (can’t remember which ) could heal itself with love. And then it said that if E=Mc2 then love was the speed of light times two. 

So I said to myself “what is the speed of light? I got a parameter ideal which consisted of two different numbers. Got an answer for each and then times them together. 

What I got was a big ass number in miles 7.62101251E+23 m/s. (I’m not sure if the math is right.)

If Love ❤️ is the driving force of life to the point that it’s an gigantic number to measure,then why isn’t everyone doing it? We are…..

Doing it I mean. We love everything. But are the things that we’re loving killing us? Our spirits, our hopes,our dreams…

For a long time I thought suicide was the answer for all my pain. Suicide is one of our best used tools. We use everything to kill ourselves and call it living. 

I’m slowly finding out that the way I’m living is causing my energy to slowly snuff out of this planet. Almost like letting my light not shine anymore. I said months ago that I wanted to love more. Thank God and the universe for continuously showing me the way to live in love and light because I can sometimes get off track. 

C.L Cunningham

Just traveling my path

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