Monthly Archives: June 2017

Shine on


The day has just begun and it’s filled with possibilities. 

The possibility to be better than the one before. This day has the unique ability to bring a brighter outcome than the one before it. And of course it’s Friday so who knows…it might even have a little of release to it.

Release anything that sends your emotions into a tailspin. Find a moment to look out the window or go outside and enjoy some of this great day. Let the sunshine in! Let the clouds invite you to their gathering. 

In the middle of chaos there’s always a happy place. And in that place I tend to find my peace.

C.L Cunningham 

Hoping that today….you find a peace of mind 

Wishing you love n light 



Have you ever just sighed a gust of wind? I mean just let it blow straight through you…

There’s times when you’re just ready to breathe again as Toni Braxton would say. Let all the day’s worries just melt out the top of your head and relax. Just let out a deep sigh.

Today, try to find the lilies in the field. And when you are with them in your imagination tell them hello for me.

C.L Cunningham 💐

I hear the chains falling 


I hear the chains falling by the waste side. I imagine them opening up without a key for me to walk freely into my destiny.

I imagine leaving them behind and starting a new. I’m free to not judge my failures. And I’m open to growth.

My dreams are brighter than my realities but not for long. My hopes were bigger than my prayers and now my prayers are bigger than my hopes.

My days are shorter and more driven. Especially since my #1 job is taking care of my self worth. All other things will fall into place and I know that to be true.

I no longer live in barren places or a barren life. I believe it to be true because I want that vision to be the opportunity that I use to be and do more.

I’m thankful for each day and today is no different than the rest. Today I’m smiling on the inside despite what my facial expression says. And I wish nothing but smiles for all of you reading.

C.L Cunningham

Better days started yesterday you just didn’t notice

Love n light 💖

Quiet time 


It’s early morning and I often think about the list of things I have to do for the day sometimes even the week. Before I do anything just to remind myself of the things I have to do. It helps me to not forget.

But often in that moment I also like to quiet my mind and listen for the instruction of the spirit.

There’s times when I don’t hear any instructions so I take a moment to be thankful instead. There’s a phrase in church that says “When praises go up blessings come down.” I used to dismiss it as if it wasn’t always true.

I’m finding that my view of blessings has changed and I realize that everyday I breathe is, a blessing. And that my praise it’s a symbol of my gratitude for each day.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to see where I fit in this universe. To hopefully take each day and steady my walk for my homecoming. To not get off the path that leads to salvation.

Being great here may lead to success. It may lead to a blissful experience in this realm in this reality. Really I don’t know. I know that in my quiet time my success depends on the grace and mercy of each day. So I dedicate myself to being a vision of his glory.

C. L Cunningham

Taking a little quiet time for the goodness that surpasses all understanding 💖

Power of change 


I  like to think of change like a wonderful wind blowing through and taking you to an alternative destination.

It’s comes at a moment’s notice and sometimes without warning or with a missed warning.

It’s brings brighter sides of things or it can bring a darker side of things depending on your perception. But no matter what it is giving you a chance to see something different.

Today I’m just going to enjoy the changes happening in my life.

C.L Cunningham

Wishing you better changes