What can be done?


Sometimes I see an article or post that makes me think. Depending on the subject I decide if it means something to me emotionally. Sometimes I just come up with reasons why things are the way they are.

My old boss John came to mind. I worked at the city library and he was a great boss. He and his husband went on vacation out of the country.  John was one of the many  people who died from bird flu. 

Right after I had that thought I go on Twitter and Bill Gates tweets a Time article about a new bird flu. (Go figure). So of course I read it and start thinking about ways to control it.

I get all these ideals and I start doing research on how and why they would or won’t work. Looking at pathogens and particles. I think science is still boring so I try to cut it to the biggest issue. Air…every flu virus is traveled by air at some point. (I assume) So I think start cleaning the air. Purify it right. Did you know Beijing has already started this? 

How fun to think of ways and things to fix problems in the environment. Even though I think science is still a snooze fest. I might have a future in it if I can get inspired enough. 

How many of us are waiting for inspiration to do something? How do we test out what can be done if we just don’t go and start searching? 

C. L Cunningham 

Future scientist (maybe)

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