Being a kid on the playground I would find all kinds of things. Cool rocks and the pretty little flowers. Once a kid found a caterpillar. Another kid seen that kid looking so that kid went over. That continued until there were a group of children looking at this gross looking insect.

We are all saying “eww look at it.” Next thing I know one kid gets a stick. I’m sure you can guess what is about to happen. Yep. That kid pokes it. Starts bothering it. As if the caterpillar isn’t already having a hard-enough time. Of course, an adult comes and saves it and tells us to all go play.

Years later I have a science class and we are going to study butterflies. I looooove butterflies. I was super excited. See I hated science. It was a snooze fest. Too much reading and too many questions. But for once I couldn’t wait to learn. We were going to the zoo to learn about butterflies.

The teacher tells us to follow along and begins to read and teach about how a butterfly becomes a butterfly. She goes into metamorphosis and I find out that caterpillars 🐛 ugly icky caterpillars are butterflies in the making. Talk about plot twist. I learned so much that day and I got to see all kinds of beautiful butterflies and moths.

I learned that day to one not bother things that I didn’t understand. If it is not hurting me or itself to just leave it alone. But two, I also had a new found respect for caterpillars.

To this day if I see one away from nature I try to move it closer to a tree or grass without my hands so it can go be great. So it can go from crawling slow to flying high.

C. L Cunningham

Lover of butterflies 🌼

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