Pissed off and the INFJ


So I looked up some stuff about being an INFJ. On blog sites we are saying I’m misunderstood. People basically don’t understand me or hate my fricken guts…basically.

So then I look up INFJ and hate. I get to a blog right here on WordPress. And there were fifty reasons this person hated INFJ’s.  FIFTY!!!!!!!!!!!

So how do we feel confident in a world that hates OUR guts? 

We just have to until we get to pass on. There’s something better always. Maybe one day you will piss someone off but you also make someone laugh. 

Everyone goes through it. We might just get it a little more than others but it doesn’t mean they don’t get stepped on too. 

Everyone gets hurt. We just drag it out but mostly because  we see injustice and will fight for what is right. But people like us better when we are doing it for them.

We are super confident. Like uber confident 😂 I mean we REALLY like ourselves. 

Keep that. Hell we need it. Especially if there’s fifty reasons to hate us.

I’m actually really excited to be an INFJ. I’m sad it took me this long to figure it out. I’d like to reach out to more of you. If anyone knows of a support group could you email me. If anyone has tips on fitting in or blending in could you email me also. I believe the email link is attached to my bio. (Hopefully) 

C.L Cunningham 

I’m INFJ 💛

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  1. I am an ENFP – imagine me being in a room of 40 INFJ’s including the presenter and for 20 minutes they told me how useless I was – took some counselling after that – so I know how you feel – have no idea how I ended up in that room

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  2. I am a mix of INFJ and INFP. Funny I landed here right after putting up an angry post on my blog. I call that part of me the Justice Lady. I can understand your sentiments – how people hate us!! And how to cope up? Well, ignore. love yourself. be proud of who you are. And, not everyone can be pleased.

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