I’m learning that it is very important to be yoked correctly. 

In religious doctrine there is the talk of being evenly yoked or paired with a someone. 

I knew what that meant to a certain level. But because I had closed myself off to full understanding I still made a mistake. 

You can be yoked to a person, job, hobby, religion  etc. But if it’s a danger to you in anyway. That probably isn’t the right fit for you.

If you go to work and you walk out drained instead of content. That probably isn’t the job for you. If you’re in a relationship and you feel uncomfortable all the time. You frown more than you smile. You probably aren’t matched right. If you go to college and you hate all your classes or majority of the people there.  You either picked a wrong major or the wrong school environment. Even places of worship can be wrong for you. Might be the right religion for you but the wrong building to worship in. 

I kept putting on my Instagram that 2017 was going to be a selfish year for me. Being selfish when bettering yourself can be helpful. 

I’m not above being wrong. When someone gives me instruction on a certain subject or topic. If it feels bad reading it or hearing it.That means there’s something wrong. Something I didn’t like. I either already know and had no plans to change. Or it was given in a way that I didn’t agree with.  And in that case I am open to receive it but probably from someone other than the person trying to give it to me.

There’s this TV show named Lost in Space from the 60’s. The robot on the show would say to the boy “danger Roy Robinson “. I still use this today. To tell myself and others to watch out. To pay attention. 

I had at least 4 people try to give me 1 message. I took it from 2. The reason. I chose who delivered it. I made the decision to get my message in a way that made me think but also it felt comfortable. 

The message was from Oprah Winfrey saying that people can bring down your energy. That we are in charge of our own energy. Friends, family, etc can drain you to where you are too weak to enjoy  your journey. Thus never being happy never having peace. There’s probably more to that message but I am happy I was able to learn something helpful. I thank her for giving the world that message. I thank those who tried to give me the message. 

I’m learning as I evolve to pass on the lessons or messages that I receive. But I’m humble enough to say that if my way doesn’t feel comfortable for you that it’s absolutely okay to get it in a feel good way.

I don’t have an agenda anymore. I used to but not anymore.I just want to be helpful.  I’m just trying to save myself from anymore heartache and pain. I probably can’t guard it all but I can lessen the blow.

C.L Cunningham 

Trying to be evenly yoked. ⭐

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  1. Same here. I am trying to be evenly yoked in my own way. Yoked spiritually, mentally, physically, financially and also learning to balance my life and my time well.

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