In theory 


iS it possible that God isn’t killing us?

Are we killing ourselves?

What if our brains have a self destruction button?

Everytime one thinks negative
Everytime one thinks violence

Everytime one thinks materially

Everytime one thinks in greed

Everytime one thinks in anger

Everytime one thinks sadness

Everytime one thinks seductive

Everytime one thinks selfishly etc.

What if that button in the brain sends out more destructive cells through your blood stream…Until you die? (Thus aging is activated)
Humans can prolong the process with medical fixes. But you possibly wouldn’t need medical fixes if you lived better. We polluted the earth. We added material things. We added government. We started killing each other etc.

Maybe some things we wouldn’t need God to fix. Maybe some things could  be fixed by a better mindset.

C.L Cunningham

Beginning to change my mindset ⭐

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