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Sometimes I sit and wonder.. rather YHWH is waiting on us.

I probably said that backwards. I tend to do that. It’s my youngest son’s language. That’s how we communicate. I usually correct him after so he knows the way society wants him to respond, but at home he’s allowed to be himself. Maybe the world will change and that won’t be necessary anymore.

But back to my thought. For everyone who believes in a higher power. Is God waiting on us to do better before he fixes it? To prove we deserve it?

And for everyone who believes in science insert the universe. Or our universal core.

Is the world,universe,spiritual ream, etc. waiting on us to do better? To deserve the Paradise we have all been promised? No matter if that’s in heaven or here on earth.

C. L Cunningham

Up too late just thinking about stuff.

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  1. I believe that God is Love and that nothing can change that one way or another. We don’t earn it and can’t lose it. And Love means kindness, caring, understanding: bringing joy or alleviating suffering. I also believe that God is everything and vice versa, so whatever we wait on God to do is actually something we ourselves need to do if we can. (If we can’t do anything, that means God has the matter in hand without our involvement.)

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