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Is it real?


I tend to think in scientific ways and imagine different ideals. I like movies that go beyond the galaxy in thinking. I’m saying this because I like to test the ability to do certain things.

Like the movie The Last Airbender the ability to move air and earth. Maybe even things with your mind or hands etc etc. I was so excited to do some research and find exercises to do some of those things. I don’t know it will fully work but how exciting to try fun and cool scientific thinking.

What’s more enlightening than abstract or creative thinking. The imagination is one of our best tools according to creative thinkers. So have fun think outside the box and imagine the coolest stuff you can!

Love n light

C.L Cunningham 



Wind blown hair and a breezy attitude

 Soft skies and rolling hills 

Seagulls that call out love songs in the dusk..
Work that can’t be put off

Phones that can go on vibrate 

Sand between the toes and a moist air

It’s so beautiful here that it almost seems unfair…
Imagination paradise with a zen attitude as relaxation awaits 

Focused on thoughts that bring peace

Even if it’s only for a moment.. it’s a piece tranquility at home.
C.L Cunningham 




Laying here motivating myself to get up and go outside and pick up trash.  I met a man on the bus stop and he spoke about many things that touched my heart. It was like getting an unexpected sermon. 

One of the things he said was that someone had told him to go and pick up trash. But the key was to not pick up more than he was thankful to do. If at any point he began to complain he was supposed to stop. 

That stuck with me. 

There’s a lot of things I will follow through with for the sake of doing them. But I tend to have something to say about everything. So today I am going to go pick up trash and see how thankful I can be at being a helper to the environment. 

I don’t know where my life is headed. 

Destiny is awaiting and I have no definitive answer for it. My life is a bit of a mess. My goals have disappeared. My mindset is on autopilot. My relationships are strained and my backpack is always ready to take run on the wild side of life. But my heart is heavy and my running shoes are comfortably easy to fit. And the only thing that I can think to do is what I said I would do earlier this week. 

Pick up trash.

So here’s to keeping a promise to myself. And hopefully I’ll get focused and have many more to keep. 

C.L Cunningham 

Wishing you a happy Saturday 🌞

Should I tell the truth?


Do I hold myself accountable? When I wake up in the morning do I immediately put on a suit of armor and guard my moral compass.

Do I navigate my life in a way that will bring me bliss?

I don’t believe so.

 I’m sitting here thinking 💭 about government and people. If I was a judge at a court hearing of people vs people. What would I need to ask to be fair? How would I present the case? 

I assume that it would have to be data proven. Which side has the correct amount of data for the job that they are doing? How many times was the job done right? How many times did people get it right in a way that lead to a blissful life?

C.L Cunningham 

Searching for what is blissful 🌥

Just lead me to the machine 


In a society where the powers that rule over us and watch over us. Are serverly tainted in blood money and contradictory control. We are called to rage against the machine that separates us. Like the music group I guess that I too may be a person who rages against inequality and the bullshit that cloaks us into submission.

The prim and proper way of being a woman in this establishment is not within me. The social economic ways of the past can be no more. But that’s just an opinion. Hell that is more than an option. It can become a way of life. 

As the world turns and the earth decays until it slowly evaporates us into thin air. I call on you to move forward. I may be confined into a mental jail of my own locking with the key hanging around my neck like a noose. But my courage with stands anything that can be dangled before me. 

I want what is best for the world. But my idealism and fuck you attitude may be a cross a little too big for most to bare. So be it. It still doesn’t fix the system to not speak on injustice. Nothing fixes the system if the people failed have nothing else to do but point the finger and shuffle the feet of the protesters. Continue to confuse the minds of the enlightened and hungry. And divide the world into pieces of broken hearts and shattered families. 

Michael Jackson said it best when he screamed and told us to just leave me alone. I thought flying high meant making it great. I thought speaking your personal truth made it strong. I thought the hearts of the wounded wanted a stance to bring forth a decline in control and an uprising of equality. The system is broken. The system has been designed to fail.

 On purpose. 

This was not an accident waiting to happen it was a joke on humanity.

C. L Cunningham