The science of my past


I am on the journey to self discovery. There’s some things in my past that I would like to uncover the meanings of.

Today that journey lead me to the need to look up quantum physics.

I go in the library and I make my way over to the information station. There’s a young gentleman there and we exchange pleasantries. When he asked me for what I was looking for I said  “I need to find books on quantum physics”. He paused for a second and said “wow quantum physics. Thats above my pay grade”. I smile and wait for the numbers to that section of the library.

So I begin reading on what I need to know and all the information is leading me to look for something on the fifth dimension.

I gather all the books up and put them back on the shelves. I go back to the information desk. This time there’s a silvered-hair lady at the computer.  I tell her I’m looking for something on the fifth dimension.

She looks me up and down and asked if that was some sort of singing group?  I made a face on accident or maybe on purpose so she then she added ” or are you looking for the actual fifth dimension? ” I say that I want the actual fifth dimension. She gives me the number to the section and I look up the book she suggested.


C. L Cunningham

Trying to uncover something from my ancestors 💫

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