Walking in my truth


Yesterday was a tough blog. When I say I don’t like to think about the past. Believe it.

I’ve got enough woes to fill a river. If not a river then at least a stream. 

I need some positive energy and social media is draining. I started this when my grandfather passed. Just to vent at the universe. 

Now I don’t know how I want to continue. I’m at a crossroads. I don’t know exactly how many people are reading along. I don’t know how many people I want or am comfortable with following along truthfully. 

I asked him if he was okay with me telling about my life and his role in it. He said well you’re telling the truth and I can’t be mad at that. 

I guess at anytime that this becomes a load I can no longer bare then I will stop immediately. My mental health takes preference over anything else. I told my friend that I’m a little too real.( A little too open bookish.)

I may tailor or tweak the way I do my storytelling. I haven’t decided yet. Plus I have a habit of flying by the seat of my pants so there’s that aspect. 

Today I just want to wish you all sunshine in the middle of rain. That’s from an old song. And a redone song too. (Sorry I don’t remember the names but if you know put both in the comments) 

Until next time xoxo

C.L Cunningham 

Going to look for something to smile about 😉

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  1. You stories will be read and follows by those few find your tales to be inspiring and interesting..

    But don’t worry about who does or doesn’t..

    Just keep on writing and sharing…

    And you will get all the reasons to smile

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    • Thank you for this. I promise you if I was only doing it for me I would have stopped yesterday though 😂. But I am using this as therapy so I appreciate all the uplifting I can get 💜

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    • I’m glad I express some of the way you feel I’m extremely humbled by your comment. And I appreciate the kind words. I


      • Lol it decided to send before I was done 😂 But I was saying I really like your blog also 😉


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