My daughter and I are both on social media. And we both have over 1000 followers on our pages in our genre. 

She said to me the other day. “Yeah mommy they will take something I said word for word but they just won’t retweet me.” I said “I know baby sometimes they just won’t give us our just due.” 


I sat here and listened to this man while his voice crackled. He began to play me a current song. Bits and pieces sounded exactly like a song he wrote in 2005.

Now I heard the song daily. I heard it so much that at one point I asked him not to play it again…ever 😂.

But seriously speaking he was super proud of he and his friend’s accomplishment. So I because I always try to be supportive of all his endeavors. I put the song on something called Myspace band page. That way more people could hear it too. They were making their way through the Omaha music scene. He even had a guest spot on a popular song and did a video. I was proud of him. He was proud of himself and it was a great time to see him happy. 

Us and our crew of children… Parading around town like we were really sumthin (as Tam would say)..

So to sit there and hear a song that we can no longer access. And know that because the link refuses to work it will be hard to prove that the song is his….

And hear the work that this man put into it. Then watch how he isn’t going to get his credit… Is truly heartbreaking. 

But I told him the way I tell most people. “God has a way of showing up when the show is down and falling apart.” 

“You may not get your just due. But take satisfaction in the fact that you knew it was good… And now you know you were right.”

C. L Cunningham 

Here’s to getting to know that you were right 🍷

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