The shit I want 


From a man is free. I’ve asked for phone calls or text. If you already pay your phone bill then I added you no extra cost. 

I’ve asked for pictures. Assuming you have a phone from the last three years…that once again is no added cost.

I asked for help and me being me I probably need your expertise or your strength. I always pay what I owe so it’s not money. The shit I need would probably takes a phone call to the right person…literally. 

And if I did ask for money…well we’re probably fuckin and in that case it’s  my tart ass husband. Because I haven’t fucked anyone but him since 2005 .

And when he’s not off living with girlfriends and having possible five year Olds he’s in my bed or in my face claiming he loves me. Either way. …that shit cost…it cost me. It cost my kids. It cost my family name and dignity. 

In which there would never be enough money. And I’d never want him to repay. Because as much as he’s hurt me. He’s saved my ass and helped me with the stuff nobody else has seen. 

In the end what I really want is somebody who’s totally my someone. 

I guess what I want isn’t free…Damn 

And there it is….

C. L Cunningham 

Wishing u love in life ✨

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