Chipped nail polish and gentle music in my ear.

I fear nothing anymore…

Life has dealt me more blows than I thought was imaginable. 

What’s being alone when your already lonely…

The sound of hatred fills the air.

This world has completely flipped upside down and I don’t even care.

Political facts equal political lies.

Working a 9 to 5 to survive…living in a  web of despise. This country..that man..those men..all a waste of my time to worry about. 

I’ve got me…what else is out there? Who else is out there..? Where else is there to go? A friend of mine said I was becoming a nomad…maybe that will be a fine life for me.

Maybe I just got to go free of it all. The stuff that’s supposed to matter that seems to leave me broken n shattered…

I’ll be positive patty on my journey. I’ll let the day wash away my sadness and a smile will emerge like a smiley face emoji…😀 

I’m the bounce back kid. The one with the tap dancing soul and the dark heart. And the smile on my face to hide my wayward emotions. 

C. L Cunningham 

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