Under the weather 


Leave it to me to get the kind of sick that doesn’t allow you to move around.

So I got a new job and I had to catch buses through three cities to get to it. Now this may be a simple thing for someone young and without nerve damage to their back. But for me it was a bit of a trek. I was running to and from buses. 

At one point I couldn’t find the bus I needed and was on the wrong bus. But through it all I tried to stay positive. 

Finally it’s time to head back and not only does it take 4 hours from the time I left the job to get home but I start eating and my stomach immediately starts hurting. 

I assumed that I had pushed my body too far. Everything on me hurt. I still needed to walk the almost 15 minutes to the house so I dismissed it. I was only focused on going to sleep to get up and continue this kinda ridiculous commute. 

Well that didn’t happen. I slowly got sicker by the minutes that went by until I was full on hurl fest. It just wouldn’t stop. I can laugh now but I was crying yesterday. 

The universe has one seriously messed up sense of humor. And I have to keep on taking the good with the not so great. 

Under the weather still today but better than yesterday. 

Hopefully your today is better than your yesterday too…

Wishes for full health ☀

C. L Cunningham 

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