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A quick post


Thank you YHWH 🙌 

My kids have heard me say recently that I want to know what I am. I could just tell I was different. 

I couldn’t explain it. I just knew. I have friend Erika who kept telling me that I wasn’t crazy. And lo and behold she was right!!!!!!!!#!!

I going to take my personality info and try to figure some stuff out with my newfound excitement. 

C. L Cunningham 

I knew I needed info on dimensions y’all 😉

With you


If we’re going to do this.

At some point we are going to have to shut the world out.

It should only be me and you in this room no matter how many people are watching…. 

I’m not what you are. But I know everything we could be.

I’m not ready but I’m ready (if you can understand what that means)

But I’d like to try. I mean if that’s alright with you. 

C.L Cunningham 

Just a thought 


I like to watch foreign films. It doesn’t matter if the film has subtitles or is dubbed into English. I just enjoy watching how people in different countries live.

But there’s one thing that remains true everywhere. There are people in every country suffering or hurting. 

There are people all over the world crying out for change. Living conditions are strained everywhere. Laws of the lands are being challenged everywhere. But how do we help each other?  

As humans we are naturally flawed. But how does the world heal itself? How does anything change if the people in the world aren’t in agreement on how and what to heal?  

C. L Cunningham 

Wondering what I can do to help?💜

Wishing everyone everywhere love and peace 🌍

The science of my past


I am on the journey to self discovery. There’s some things in my past that I would like to uncover the meanings of.

Today that journey lead me to the need to look up quantum physics.

I go in the library and I make my way over to the information station. There’s a young gentleman there and we exchange pleasantries. When he asked me for what I was looking for I said  “I need to find books on quantum physics”. He paused for a second and said “wow quantum physics. Thats above my pay grade”. I smile and wait for the numbers to that section of the library.

So I begin reading on what I need to know and all the information is leading me to look for something on the fifth dimension.

I gather all the books up and put them back on the shelves. I go back to the information desk. This time there’s a silvered-hair lady at the computer.  I tell her I’m looking for something on the fifth dimension.

She looks me up and down and asked if that was some sort of singing group?  I made a face on accident or maybe on purpose so she then she added ” or are you looking for the actual fifth dimension? ” I say that I want the actual fifth dimension. She gives me the number to the section and I look up the book she suggested.


C. L Cunningham

Trying to uncover something from my ancestors 💫

Oh my 


So I should be sleep. I literally have to leave soon and I haven’t been sleep. 

But someone just made it aware to me that I can come off as a bit of a bitch.Uh here’s the thing…I already know. 

I’m not purposely trying to be a bitch. My personality is aggressive at times and sometimes I just don’t think about it. I mean if what I am saying doesn’t pertain to you..

My friends know to be like.. look at it from this point of view. Or just agree to disagree and move on.

I literally am the girl who had a whole group of people male and female chanting “we hate Candy” in job corps. My friend Bree can tell this in a way more hilarious way. But the point I’m making is that sometimes unknowingly and sometimes knowingly…I can be a bitch.

So if I ever wronged you on accident I sincerely apologize. If I wronged you on purpose I kinda apologize depending on what you did 😂. Nah I’m kidding. I apologize to you too because that ain’t right.  

I’m old as a fuck and I’m just trying to clean out my karma and chill seriously. 

Ps. My family just laughs or bags back. I just broke on (told a mean joke about)  my cousin’s two year old early today. She laughed but just in case..sorry cousin I love you boo!

C. L Cunningham 

Okay maybe now I can go to sleep💤

The beauty of starting over 


So I decided to delete my Instagram for the second time. 

I’m sure people will say it’s crazy. “You had over 6000 following. You were on your way”. Hell I heard it twice today already. 

But where was I on my way to? I had 61 percent men. Who weren’t buying books or reading my blog. They were waiting for ass shots. And though I love looking at myself (please believe me *in my Taraji P Henson voice*) that certainly isn’t  what I am aiming for.

I just felt a ton of negative, fake and an unreal depressing energy on that Instagram. 

Hopefully I can bring a better more focused and more cautious approach to my social media now. Before it was all about the likes and the follows. Now I just want a safe comfortable space.

I want to follow people with purpose and beautiful auras. Not just pretty faces and top celebrities. But people who can inspire others to be better humans. I want to not only be a good writer but a good human. And sometimes you need mentors for that. 

Sometimes you want people who will give you positive insight. Positive energy in general especially as a creative. We all need a virtual community who can lift us up on our journeys…right? 

C.L Cunningham 

Wishing you all a safe nite and a beautiful peaceful mindset 🌙

Walking in my truth


Yesterday was a tough blog. When I say I don’t like to think about the past. Believe it.

I’ve got enough woes to fill a river. If not a river then at least a stream. 

I need some positive energy and social media is draining. I started this when my grandfather passed. Just to vent at the universe. 

Now I don’t know how I want to continue. I’m at a crossroads. I don’t know exactly how many people are reading along. I don’t know how many people I want or am comfortable with following along truthfully. 

I asked him if he was okay with me telling about my life and his role in it. He said well you’re telling the truth and I can’t be mad at that. 

I guess at anytime that this becomes a load I can no longer bare then I will stop immediately. My mental health takes preference over anything else. I told my friend that I’m a little too real.( A little too open bookish.)

I may tailor or tweak the way I do my storytelling. I haven’t decided yet. Plus I have a habit of flying by the seat of my pants so there’s that aspect. 

Today I just want to wish you all sunshine in the middle of rain. That’s from an old song. And a redone song too. (Sorry I don’t remember the names but if you know put both in the comments) 

Until next time xoxo

C.L Cunningham 

Going to look for something to smile about 😉