Here’s where my story gets real…just a few months ago we were homeless…it pains me to say it out loud because it seems so weird. Ms totally independent had hit a snag in the road of life and was brought to her knees…

I laugh as I write this because it was so brutal but so great at the same time. It was liberating and saddening with the highs and lows.

It was challenging and uplifting but it broke me in ways I can’t forget. Sometimes your crying out for a savior to the universe and no one answers…and then slowly you get a whisper or a suggestion. Maybe you get a full sign of which way to go even if you weren’t sure at the time. But your gut said go so you went….

I took 3 people along with me on the journey to self discovery. ..but really I took more than that if you were following along this whole time…thank you…to everyone that prayed for my safeguard and well being.  For any help I was given I’m so grateful.

I always say that wherever this goes I’ll be thankful because life has given me new eyes to see it through. A new view of being me everyday…Drake says if you love you should always love. It gives you experience it makes you ready for whatever is next…it lifts you up and if not that at least it made you different. So then you have the choice to see if you liked the change…

Wishing you all love n light

C. L Cunningham

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      1. That’s good to hear. I hope things improve. It can happen to anyone, especially now, we can be so vulnerable due to any number of circumstances. I feel bad for anyone that has to go through it. I empathize, and it is a real concern for me as well. I think about it all the time.
        The world can be a pretty cold and cruel place out there, and people can be too. They have no idea.

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  1. I know how you feel.

    A year ago last July, I was thrown out of my Vancouver apartment because I could no longer afford to pay the exorbitant rents they charge in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and I had trouble finding a job out there.

    I returned to Alberta where I’m originally from and ended up in a homeless shelter.

    Now I’m currently living in what’s called a transitional housing building for single homeless men.
    It’s better than a homeless shelter but technically speaking it’s not really a home.

    Just something temporary.

    So the only computer I can use is the computer in a public library and you’re allowed only a maximum of two hours a day on it.

    Not fun when one is trying to write a vampire septology (series of 7 vampire novels). I’m about half-way through the 5th one and of course it’s taking me a lot longer to finish than my other ones since I’m homeless and can only access a computer 2 hours a day.

    I did own an iPhone and could use free wi-fi in coffee shops but then my iPhone was stolen in a homeless shelter I was staying in back in early January of this year so now I’m limited to the 2 hours on a public library computer.

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    1. Its really cool that through it all your still chasing your dream 💛 I really have to dig deep sometimes and find the silver lining. But thank goodness there always is 1. Thank you for sharing your story with me 💖

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