Happy smile

Happiness is a choice…

I tend to associate my joy and happiness to events in my life…memories of happy times remind me of a place, a particular thing, or maybe a person..

I’ve focused on those outside objects  to make my life happy or joyous and I’m not sure why. Why I hadn’t thought to search within…until now…

Currently seeking inner joy and inner happiness and I’m excited to take my life out of the hands of others. And into a place of inner peace. This way I can pour out the joy I feel… and spread a little of my magical pixie dust everywhere. 💫

Wishes for the sweetest kisses from the sun today and always …we all need that…⭐

C.L Cunningham


2 thoughts on “Happy smile

  1. I, like you use to search for happiness from the outside, I just started learning how to find happiness within myself and thinking that could provide that or that I even had it to give myself. It’s an everyday process. Good work my friend.

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