If I was ever to write a song it would be about love🎧…

Love that was given when I had no love left to give…when my heart was breaking, but also about a heart that was anticipating receiving a sign…

Funny how right at the moment of the end of something the beginning of something else has started…

I’d write about you and him…and him and her.. well them…..maybe about you and them…huh yeah I know…them…all of them…

The sad emoji girls…the meme girls..the beautiful one with evil insides..the actress with blond hair. ..the love of his life…the one looking at the 500 dollar flight…for one night with him…

Yeah I’d write my song for the world to sing the praises of my pain…about that day I screamed in the rain…about how I begged for a minute of your day that thanksgiving. you still keep me close but at bay…how I almost like it that way…gives me room to break free at a moments notice when I’ve finally had enough….

If I wrote a song it would be about me…my love for love…always willing to completely fall especially when falling means finally finding….love.

C L Cunningham 


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