The past


Ugh to days that make you remember the things in your past that you would like to stay forgotten…

Sometimes you can’t change some of the things in your past.. They definitely hang around in your memories like rain clouds meant to mess up your sunny disposition. 

But I’m not going to wallow in that place anymore. I’ll throw out the road map to those thoughts and focus on the life in front of me.

I’m a far better person than I was and even though my waters are still murky I’ll tread threw it like the warrior that I  am…and walk into my peace with my fist in the air with 80’s music playing in the background ✨

Wishes for beautiful joys and amazing highs

C L Cunningham 

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  1. Yesterday I was around someone who kept reminding me of my past. I became so frustrated but instead of doing what I would normally do I just walked away and listening to music that spoke to that situation. Don’t judge me, He Saw the best in me, and Changing by Jennifer Hudson. I started to feel better. Try to think about the present and your future . Forget the past u have already overcome.

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