So many people have set their life standards on what they’ve experienced in life. By the things they were taught growing up. The morals religion has given them or maybe family history and tradition.

We use these to guide our choices and decisions. Our standards tend to define our judgements. Our view that we filter this world with.

I try to understand everyone’s point of view. I even salute those who can maintain moral circumference at all times. I happen to not be one of those people.

I’m a mistake marker. I’m still learning what makes me tick. If life hasn’t shown me anything else it’s showed me that my ideals and views are constantly changing as my life changes.

I believe that we can judge whatever we want because that judgment is only important to yourself. Ultimately judgments are just complaints and if no one is listening they just sit on your mental shelf.

But wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone stopped being so judgemental and started just focusing on happiness.

From my heart to yours this beautiful Thursday ❤

C. L Cunningham

Entering into the unknown 

When I enter a relationship or friendship I don’t have a plan.

I don’t believe that anyone should plan or test or control natural emotions.

I may have expectations of how I want to envision the outcome. And even that is a vague hope of what I wish would happen. It too is up for discussion if my view and my friend,partner, loved one’s  view isn’t cohesive.

But I’m open for change. I’m willing to change,grow,learn,and understand each other. I’m yearning for compromise. Especially when the prize is a relationship.

I tend to leave planning..for things that I tend to benefit from. I’m not trying to benefit from love..Love Is the benefit.

Sending you love and light that sustains you ⭐

C. L Cunningham


Here’s where my story gets real…just a few months ago we were homeless…it pains me to say it out loud because it seems so weird. Ms totally independent had hit a snag in the road of life and was brought to her knees…

I laugh as I write this because it was so brutal but so great at the same time. It was liberating and saddening with the highs and lows.

It was challenging and uplifting but it broke me in ways I can’t forget. Sometimes your crying out for a savior to the universe and no one answers…and then slowly you get a whisper or a suggestion. Maybe you get a full sign of which way to go even if you weren’t sure at the time. But your gut said go so you went….

I took 3 people along with me on the journey to self discovery. ..but really I took more than that if you were following along this whole time…thank you…to everyone that prayed for my safeguard and well being.  For any help I was given I’m so grateful.

I always say that wherever this goes I’ll be thankful because life has given me new eyes to see it through. A new view of being me everyday…Drake says if you love you should always love. It gives you experience it makes you ready for whatever is next…it lifts you up and if not that at least it made you different. So then you have the choice to see if you liked the change…

Wishing you all love n light

C. L Cunningham

Happy smile

Happiness is a choice…

I tend to associate my joy and happiness to events in my life…memories of happy times remind me of a place, a particular thing, or maybe a person..

I’ve focused on those outside objects  to make my life happy or joyous and I’m not sure why. Why I hadn’t thought to search within…until now…

Currently seeking inner joy and inner happiness and I’m excited to take my life out of the hands of others. And into a place of inner peace. This way I can pour out the joy I feel… and spread a little of my magical pixie dust everywhere. 💫

Wishes for the sweetest kisses from the sun today and always …we all need that…⭐

C.L Cunningham

New season 

The air smells like spring 

Birds are speaking only a language they know 

And I’m here thinking about you

Cars are driving by leaving the lingering sounds of exhausted souls 

Going but with no real place to go

Seeing a lot of the same things each and every day 

Trying to be whomever they’ve set their minds to be 

And I just want to try to be with you 

Leaves are changing; sun is shining and I’m just thinking about shining with you 

Like two twinkling stars in the night skyline or even blazing like this California sun 

I’m just waiting on the day you ultimately give in to me and we became us and I can relax and enjoy this season 

C. L Cunningham 


If I was ever to write a song it would be about love🎧…

Love that was given when I had no love left to give…when my heart was breaking, but also about a heart that was anticipating receiving a sign…

Funny how right at the moment of the end of something the beginning of something else has started…

I’d write about you and him…and him and her.. well them…..maybe about you and them…huh yeah I know…them…all of them…

The sad emoji girls…the meme girls..the beautiful one with evil insides..the actress with blond hair. ..the love of his life…the one looking at the 500 dollar flight…for one night with him…

Yeah I’d write my song for the world to sing the praises of my pain…about that day I screamed in the rain…about how I begged for a minute of your day that thanksgiving. ..how you still keep me close but at bay…how I almost like it that way…gives me room to break free at a moments notice when I’ve finally had enough….

If I wrote a song it would be about me…my love for love…always willing to completely fall especially when falling means finally finding….love.

C L Cunningham 


I can’t help but feel what I feel…my attitude is just my attitude. There’s things I can’t change and things I can’t wait to have.

The inner child in me wants to jump around and do 80 high kicks in the air..kicking disappointment’s ass until my body is tired enough to quit.

 But I know that isn’t going to happen so I have to go through my wave of emotions. I have to deal with it right…my way…it may not always be cute or appealing but neither is what I’m feeling. 

Pain is pain,hurt is hurt,sad is just sad…period…for that moment in time it throws me off my zen. 

Pretending isn’t an option when your putting your honest heart into something. 

I’m totally in…..

C L Cunningham 

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