Goals n dreams 

 I’m focusing on turning my dreams into goals. I guess for as long as I can remember, I never allowed myself to think big. Almost like it was wrong to want better. I’m surprised that it took so long for me to give myself permission to go for it! To go after the dream to chase the goals that I have set up for myself. I feel free…Excited to see what else I can accomplish. 
C L Cunningham 

Just another day 

Day before Valentine’s Day and I feel alone. Let me clarify that I do have a Valentine. So I will be spending at least part of the day with someone that I love and care about, but not the way I want to. Not doing the things I would like to do not having the fun I would like to have. Not feeling the type of way I would expect to feel. 

It’s just another Valentine’s Day that goes every way but my way…
C L Cunningham 

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