I Am Enough… I was watching a lifetime movie with Meagan Goode and she wrote that on the inside of her hand. It made me think. 
Then today I was watching the new Cinderella movie and she said I don’t know if without the magic if I will be enough for him… and again it made me think. 
I’ve never been sure about if me being me is enough. Enough for my parents enough for my children enough for a man or friend… hell I don’t know if I’m enough for myself. 
I search for happiness but will the version of my universal happiness be enough? I wonder when I will be satisfied with me….
When will I take a deep breath and feel good enough?
C L Cunningham 

After the storm 

He leans over at me and says I’m sorry for everything that I did to contribute to us being this down… and I touched his back and said shit happens we’ll be alright. 
Sometimes a downfall happens when you think your having fun. Or maybe your so focused on having fun your not even paying attention to the things that are falling apart. Until they’re gone or untouchable. 
I made the same mistakes he did. Not in the same way but I let the allure of something else look bigger and better than what it was. I definitely was bitter of his audacity to go out and enjoy himself with no regard to our relationship. I knew it was only a matter of time before it all fell apart or fell in my lap to handle and I got out and on to something different. 
Now we’re at the crossroads of doing it together. I don’t know if it means being together forever or just doing it side by side until we’re both in a spot okay enough to move on. 
We’ve always been able to put our feelings aside and build each other up. We strengthen each other and after we messed up apologizing to each other and at least trying to repair the things that we hurt. 
I’m happy that I still have my friend. That under all the bs we can have a better understanding of each other. I’m hopeful for the future but I’m still healing from the past. Growth is coming in a series of steps for now…and I’m okay with that. 🌞
Wishing you love light and happiness 

C L Cunningham 

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