The untouchables

Why do I always fall for the untouchable men?  With untouchable hearts and untouchable minds.  They have no trust and they have no damn time.  They use their bodies like they’re garbage pails  and they try to love you but they’re love always fails.  Why do I fall for men who don’t want me?  I…Read more »


Sitting at home waiting on him. I’m trying to call and I get no answer and no call back. Finding myself crying slow tears because I’m feeling rejected and confused. Does he even like me does he even care? Then morning comes and he’s apologizing and affectionate…What just happened? I mean I’m his wife why…Read more »

This sucks 

I’ve been gone a little over a month. I’m the one that got tired of my husband cheating and I packed up. Well the other day my husband posted a picture of him and the woman he was sleeping with saying she’s his lady. I’m not completely upset by it. I mean I left him…right.  So…Read more »

Don’t look back

I don’t want the fear of rejection and abandonment to stop me from loving or living again. 12 years is a long time to forget. Right or wrong good or bad it was still my life.I’ve got to learn to forgive myself for any mistakes I may have made. And move on from any mistakes…Read more »