Wealth or Fame?


Did you do it for the wealth or the fame? Maybe you did it for both. To put your life on a pedestal of everyone to see. Maybe even it was to find me. But whatever it is,has it made your life amazing? I ask because I would do it for the wealth. Not for the fame. I already made a name for myself in the rim I’m in. I already did so many things I didn’t think was possible or achievable. But more than that…I’ve done things I wouldn’t want anyone to know. I’ve blocked a lot of my past away. I fear for things to come out that I know I did. Honestly I’ve done bad things. I wasn’t a nice person. 

I’ve repent of my sins. I’m working hard to make my life new. But is it okay that I really couldn’t do what you do? Because if it a chance that it could kill the romance then seriously I’d like to know wayyyy in advance. 
C L Cunningham 

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