If your unsure it makes me feel like I should be unsure too. But I’m not unsure…

I’m certain that you and I are perfectly in tune with each other. 

I have no doubt in my mind. 

Not to say that before I was sure, because I was definitely unsure. 

But not because I thought it was anyone other than you, but because I was scared. 

Now I’m not scared anymore either. 

I’m beyond anticipation and on top of sexual frustration…

Your the one for me. 


End of discussion. 
C L Cunningham 

I AM 💋

I’m the friend you didn’t know you needed until you needed me 
I’m the girlfriend that you didn’t know you wanted until you had me
I’m the wife that was meant to be forever unless forever wasn’t what you meant 
C L Cunningham 

Where the wind takes me 

As I continue on my journey of growing and changing I have encountered so many strange things. My emotions are ever changing and I’m learning to let things just be what they are. I’m at a place where I want to throw the plans I thought I had for my life out the window. I’m at a place where I want to just see how my life evolves and I pray that it’s more wonderful than I could ever imagine. Wishing you all love and happiness 🌞

C L Cunningham 

Dust yourself off and Try again 

How can we be so close but so far away? Hopes are high and tension is rising.

 Is it anticipation or miscommunication? Either way the highs hit lows and time is wasted. 

Confusion and frustration. Wtf and what if’s. 

You gotta laugh because this shit is the pits. 

But your not gonna let go or give up now, because the possibility is just too much to lose. 

At least in this moment you chose to try again.

C L Cunningham 

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