Can I be honest with you? I see something a amazing in you. What I mean is that when I looked at you. Really looked at you. I saw something greater than what you show the world. Something genuine. 
I know the world is corrupt. And love is for suckers but we all want it anyway. Some people don’t have the ability to show love the way it should be shown. And that’s a flaw they probably will continue to have to work on. 

But you. You don’t give me that vibe. You have what it takes to show how beautiful life can be but you choose to go with the flow. You choose to let the current take you. You choose to follow the group instead of following your heart. 

Your heart holds the real you. The evolved you. The intellectual you. The soul of you. 

Your so different than the face you put on for the world to see. 

I just wanted to take the time to say “I see you” even when you don’t see yourself…
C L Cunningham 

I’m waiting

It’s either really early or really late depending on your sleep schedule.
Nevertheless I’m up thinking about you. 
See I thought by now we’d be something better. I thought by now we’d be happy.

 Star gazing and night walks. Holding hands and morning jogs. Cups of tea and breakfast by daybreak. 

You and I should be laughing at private jokes and sharing smiles for no reason. 

You and I should be planning birthday gifts and waiting for Christmas morning to tis the season.

You and I should have evolved by now but we haven’t and I don’t understand. 

How a man knows he’s the man for you but won’t just let it be. 

I mean I don’t need anything big I just want you for me. 

I’m waiting but not patiently. 

I’ve made my moves I’ve took my stand but if your not the man for me I need to search for a new man. 

Time is passing by and I don’t want to feel these feelings alone.

Please take a stand before it’s too late and I am gone. 
C L Cunningham 

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