Love in my life


The love I give to family and friends is a love where I speak love into and over your life. I wish the best things for you in your life. For all humans in general.
The love I have and want to give to my man. Is a freeing love. He is the answers to prayers literally, because he’s here to help take the pain away. And I’m here for the same reason in his life. To put a smile on his face when he’s down and lift him higher when he’s up. To share my sprit and my soul with him to connect cosmically. That’s the love I want and that I’m looking for. 
I love my friends and family. But they can’t give me the love I need as a woman. They can only give the love they got. And vise verse. So I’m still searching for the love I need and want. And I pray that God and the universe have my man tailor made and coming to find me. 

-C L Cunningham

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