A journey

Being in the situation where I have to give up my 2005 for my 1997 Lincoln. I find myself putting together the pieces of things in my life. Let me take you on a journey… I go outside to see what’s going on with the Lincoln it’s been about 12 months since I last seen her and she didn’t seem to great then. 
So I turn the key and open the door and start her up. Nothing happens so I turn the key off and back on to try again. Nothing happens so I get out knowing that this is most likely the battery. ✔️ Note to self. 
So I ask the neighbors for a jump and they come over. They give me the jump and the car gets a lil smokey. Ok we all assume that’s the antifreeze and we grab some and put it in. Beautiful. It’s starting to feel like this is going to happen. I jump in and give it a lil gas and she clunks around for a bit but then she goes smooth and not just smooth but that pretty pretty sounding smooth. So behind the smoothness I hear a small tick and if you know about cars 9 times outta 10 if you hear a tick it’s time for some oil. 


But I’m feeling accomplished and in a good mood so I pull up and put her in park turn her off and back on for good measure. She goes cold. Nothing. Again. And now I’m pissed. I feel deflated and saddened by this defeat. Now since I know about cars I know this is still a battery problem. So that’s an okay fix you know something I can handle. I call my bro and he comes and handles the battery and oil problem with the help of my son for an assistant. He tells me it’s all good leaves and goes about his day. 
I come out an hour later and try her again. This time she starts up with no problem like nothing ever happened. I go in reverse and begin to pull forward when she goes nowhere fast. I’m appalled and in dismay at the audacity of this (bleep bleep bleep) not moving so I try again and this time she’s not budging by force and I can feel the strain. So I assume I’m pushing to hard and I need to stop regroup and try again. 

 But instead I go in the house numb to the world and call my cousin I tell her what happened and she names off the oil and then she says transmission fluid. And I jump for joy like yes transmission fluid! I get off the phone with her and call my friend for a ride to the gas station I’m gonna grab some gas in a can and transmission fluid. 
She picks me up and I grab my goodies she drops me off and I open the hood I look in with happiness again. I go to the side put in the gas so I don’t run out. And I go back to the hood and look in for the transmission dip stick. I don’t see it anywhere. Now I know the yellow is oil and red is transmission or at least I thought I knew . I’m looking and looking I call over the neighbor and now he’s looking too but we both don’t see it. Puzzled and frustrated he says Google it. So I’m like yeah.. let’s. I google and I find it. It is black.. and not red (go figure). Now I’m looking for a needle in the hail stack because almost everything is black. To find this handle is going to be impossible. 
But with hope in my eyes and determination I look for more info, find it behind the engine and put some in. I’m excited but a bit scared as I jump in and throw her into gear. She takes off with ease and I feel joy in the air. 
I cruise for a minute come back and pull into the driveway. Relieved and happy. I did it. I made it happen…
You know.. life does that to us. In our relationship or with our goals we go through roller coasters of happy and sad emotions . But we don’t give up if it’s important to us. We just keep trying until we finally succeed. 
I’m gonna to keep trying and I hope you do too. Let this journey be a lesson and a gift of triumph in the little things. Because I promise it’s the little things that matter. 
Sending love in abundance to you
C L Cunningham

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