Pain has a funny way of changing you. What I mean is that pain sneaks up on you. It starts small like a little nagging feeling. And then that feeling gets bigger and more intense until it’s starts to take over you. You may start to tell people that you don’t feel good but we all know how everyone hates bad news so you stop telling people about how you don’t feel well. After a awhile you start to just sit in that pain. And you deal with it. You start faking out in public and crying out in private. God why me? Why now? When will it stop? Over and over until you start to believe your crazy and you NEED to get over it? 

But how do you get over pain? How do you not feel it? How do you just calm down and shut the f*ck up for everyone else’s sake but your own? And it’s not until you crack or you break that people care. No one cares until your in the hospital or you stop answering calls or until you end it all. Nobody cares until it effects them. Until they’re tired of hearing it. 

I care about you. Your soul is connected to my soul and your fight is my fight. Because we fight the same fight. To everyone struggling we won’t be in darkness forever…even hell has light. 
C L Cunningham

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