We are

If you want me show it. Because I can’t read your mind. Sometimes I’m fragile and I just need to know that I’m wanted too. I think about you almost every minute of everyday. I mean do you know how many minutes that is?!….

But I’m in it. Right or Wrong… I’m in it. And it’s scary ,but so worth it because no matter what happens the feelings that I’m feeling happened… and they’re embedded in my thoughts. You can’t change that you’ve changed me. 

No matter how hard you try not to be soft with me. No matter how many nights you try to smoke thoughts of me away. I’ll forever have a little piece of you like you have a piece of me. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy it.? To stop pushing each other away and feel what it feels like to give in to each other’s vibrations and connect on a higher level. 

To be fearful but fearless of enjoying what it feels like to be united. 

Don’t you want to? 

Don’t you feel lonely too when I’m not with you? I don’t you need it like I need it? Want it like I want it? Like I want us? Honestly flawed but magnets to each other’s energy and chemistry. 

We’re a formula too good to waste. 

We’re a moment meant to happen. 

C L Cunningham 


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