The hills

Laying in my room with no Tv on and no music playing. I suddenly hear singing and I realize that it’s my son. And it wouldn’t seem like it would be important to me that my son is singing. But when I hear my Autistic son singing the Weekend’s song “The hills”. It became apparent for the first time in years that I was able to see that my son is growing into a teenager. He’s already technically a teenager by age but mentally he’s behind. And it’s not hard to see that he’s not a little boy since he is 6’2 but he loves PBS kids. And he loves cartoons. Still eats like he’s a little boy and talks in three to four word sentences. But today none of that mattered because today he was singing the Weekend. Like a teenager. And it was a mommy achievement moment. I felt like my boy, my son, my autistic child may be alright out here in this cold world.
By C L Cunningham

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