Gentle kisses and beard rubs
Back tickles and butt grabs

Holding on for dear life 

As if moments like this

Won’t happen again…
Arguments about infidelity 

Blessings that seem like curses 

Wrist grabs and face slaps

Friends that add fuel to the fire

And family with terrible 

Relationship advice….
Finding pictures of the past

Holding on to plans for the future 

I hate you 

I love you 

I’m sorry, your sorry

But not sorry enough to stop

Merry go round 

And round…. 
 By C L Cunningham 

The sunlight 


A lot of people see God in different ways. When I look at something like this I see God. So simple but so amazingly beautiful. On this day of remembrance just enjoy life. Your alive today and your molecules are more amazing than this picture…isn’t that enough to rejoice? 
Happy Easter 

C L Cunningham 

The hills

Laying in my room with no Tv on and no music playing. I suddenly hear singing and I realize that it’s my son. And it wouldn’t seem like it would be important to me that my son is singing. But when I hear my Autistic son singing the Weekend’s song “The hills”. It became apparent for the first time in years that I was able to see that my son is growing into a teenager. He’s already technically a teenager by age but mentally he’s behind. And it’s not hard to see that he’s not a little boy since he is 6’2 but he loves PBS kids. And he loves cartoons. Still eats like he’s a little boy and talks in three to four word sentences. But today none of that mattered because today he was singing the Weekend. Like a teenager. And it was a mommy achievement moment. I felt like my boy, my son, my autistic child may be alright out here in this cold world.
By C L Cunningham

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