I’m the one 

If you were happy with the wrong one imagine how happy you’d be with the right one.

I saying this because I believe I am the one for you.

I’m the person who can match your crazy. 

I want to listen to your stories and learn how you became the man you are today.

I’m the woman who wants to run your household and elevate your mind.

I’m willing to work together to build a future empire and fall back when you only need a cheerleader.

I will do all of this because I want you.

I want to hold you and rub my feet on you.

I want to rub your head and kiss your neck.

I want to argue with you and then make up.

I want to laugh with you and cry with you. 

I want to be your better half and I want you to be mine.

I will change my whole life for you as long as you add me in yours.

Because I want to be the one for you. 

When everyone is asking you for something I want to be the one giving you what you need. 

I am the one for you. Now come get me.
By C L Cunningham



The month of love 💝 He brings the corner of my lips into a standing position and sparkles to my eyes-clcunningham  

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