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Can I

I wanna be the chick on your side. The woman that is willing to walk behind you. Having your back in life. I’m the kind of girl who takes your pain and turns it into memories of life forgotten. And make love to your soulful spiritual journey. I wanna be amazement to your senses. Heighten your heart and open it for a different kind of love. Where’s there’s room for me and all of our seeds in a field of grasshoppers. I wanna be that taste on your lips when loneliness sets in on the road. The taste that reminds you of faithfulness and trust. Reminds you that there’s nothing and no one that can come between us. Because I want you in the worst way everyday. I think about you like I think about myself…..constantly. I wanna be the woman ,the girl ,the chick ,the friend,the wife and more importantly the forever.   
C L Cunningham


A writer of life. I have two blogs one called Kandee's Corner on Also the late nite note series on WordPress.

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