Who Am I 

How can I have him when everyone else wants him?Who I am? 

Why would I be important enough to turn his head let alone his heart?

His energy is powerful and his presence is Royal. 

They worship him like a King even though they don’t know his soul. 

And I just want to see. 

See if these feelings are real. 

I just want to cook his breakfast in heels in the morning. 

Run his water late at night and rub his shoulders. 

Relax his mind and add comfort to his life. 

But who am I? 

Just the girl that wants to tat all seven of his letters on it. 

So that he knows that no matter what that he’s always a piece of me. 

Always with me. 

How can I have him?
By C L Cunningham

This time

I hate that I think of you at this time of night. I should be thinking of anything other than you but I’m not. Because I can’t get you off my mind. I don’t know why I want to know you more each day. I don’t know why I want to be looking at you from the bottom up. I can’t understand why I would want to complicate my life and cause chaos in my relationship. In my world I always put everyone other than me first. I would sacrifice my dreams and wants for their happiness. And it would be you that would make me not want to sacrifice a chance. A chance to know you and a chance to follow this feeling. This feeling that refuses to leave. It has me captured and captivated like a one person audience to your one man show. Show me more. Let me see the parts you hide from the world. It would be my pleasure to embrace your flaws and love your talents. Can I taste your intelligence and make love to your creativity? Can we let passion cover us like a waterfall? Flowing down us like sweat on a sunny day. I want your smile to shine down on me and your lips to find mine in the darkness. It’s all too much to wish for without an answer and this is why I hate to think of you at this time of night. 
C L Cunningham 

Go with the flow and find happiness on the way

Grasshoppers are always hopping from place to place. But at some point they find a home to go to and grow thru. It’s not always about what happens in the future or about where they’ve been in the past. They just have to go where the next leap takes them and enjoy the view.
C L Cunningham



If there really is a devil
I will be mad because he has been allowed to place blocks in my life. They were placed in front of me so I would allow events that made me think about those things happening at that time instead focusing on my spiritual or God given gifts.

C L Cunningham


I’ve been mad I’ve been angry I’ve been hurt  I’ve tried to keep it silent

I’ve tried to continuously show him love

To build him up on the days he was down

To speak encouraging words instead of negativity 

To not let my disappointment show when he lets himself down and leaves me broken

To remind him and myself that we are supposed to be a team even when we’re having a losing season because there’s always time to start winning again

I’ve tried and I may not always succeed but I’m willing to continue trying because a life together is better than a life apart 
By C L Cunningham

Sounds of night

Smooth jazz and legs crossed over each other as I lay on this pillow

Thoughts of you flow through my mind like this wind across my face

If it wasn’t for time and space I’d be next to you 

Singing soft songs of hope and infatuation 

Pouring out my so called plans for life

Soaking up all of your intellect 

Absorbing all your knowledge 

Letting you absorb mine

I guess until then 

I’ll be listening

To smooth


                              By  C L Cunningham


I haven’t left simply because I don’t want to. I’ve met other men and even considered a couple after his moments of weakness. But consideration isn’t enough, not enough to cheat and not enough to change my relationship status on my Facebook account. Just has never been enough of no one other than him.

But for you…. 

For you…… 

Anything is possible

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