I’ve been up all nite putting the finishing touches on my book and these poems that I had wrote a lil while ago came to mind. Here they are a compilation of feelings. 


I’ll follow

Mind is worn heart is torn. Games have been played. Deals have been made. But feelings still remain. Could u take me as I am? Amidst the scars saved. These hands need your guidance. Take me pass my circumstance……. I wanna be lost in you. I wanna be lost in you…I can not see anyone but you. Be free to lead me where you want me to go.

By C L Cunningham

visions of you

As I listen to the rain drizzle off my window, the light taps sound like a heartbeat. It makes me think of you. I wish my head was on your chest. With just the flicker of light from the TV showing the outline of your lips as you breath in and out. Sleeping soundly I wanna take my finger and use it to outline the shape of your lips. I press my mouth against yours softly not to kiss you but just to taste your sweet essence.

By C L Cunningham

Questions so many

Is it possible to love someone and secretly hate them at the same time? 

To have passion for two men at once? I don’t  know if it’s passion or lust. I don’t even know who to trust. Hell everyone lies. Even I lie to myself about myself. What is love? And if I’m unsure of the definition how can I know if I feel it?….I just don’t want to hurt no more. But is that reason enough to walk away? I made promises. Do I keep mine even if he didn’t keep his? Questions….. So many questions….
By C L Cunningham

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