Well groomed and amazing 


Your so much more than that. Clothes don’t make a man you have charisma.You were born with that.

As well groomed as you are your so much more than that. You came from hard knocks and God’s grace and I understand that oh too well, because I’m from there too. It’s what makes you relatable and it makes you down to earth. Gives you something special to share for those still trying to make it out. Those who are thriving to be better than those concrete jungles of the world. It’s allowed you to inspire some and excite others. And please believe me when I say I’m  more than excited by you in more ways than one.
Today may not be our day. Hell this lifetime may not be our lifetime to share. But I want you to know that I’ve been watching you for so very long trying to get my courage up… well you know the song. I wish I could show you but I’m currently under prior obligations. But I want to say this… that all your imperfections look real beautifully perfect to me.
By C L Cunningham

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