As I lay here in this lonely room staring at the cream colored walls. My mind starts to wander to thoughts of you. I think about you grabbing my waist from behind right before you fall asleep and holding me. Even though I’m not a person who enjoys cuddling I enjoy the action of you wanting to be close to me. There’s few times I feel comfortable enough to let go and allow myself to be in the moment and tonight I miss that. On nights like tonight I miss you. 

It’s not a feeling of being left behind or sadness but a feeling of longing. It’s a feeling that fuels the smile on my face when I see you pull up in your semi truck and pushes me to run and jump into your arms. 

These feelings allow me to remember what it is like to excited again. I spend these nights like tonight to prepare for the day that you’ll be home and prep for how I’m going to show you my appreciation of the man you are to me. A night like tonight reminds me to let silly debates go and to keep things fresh. To be happy I’m your wife again. Sometimes I get so caught up in the frustration of sharing a life with someone with different thoughts and opinions I forget that ultimately I love you. And that even though it doesn’t always seem like it I want more love from you. 

On nights like tonight I just miss being in your arms and can’t wait to see you again. 

By C L Cunningham 


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