At 12am 


Wide open universe that captures all my soulful thoughts and wants. I don’t want to be famous I want to be known. I want to give away my hopes and chase my dreams. I need to know that success is more than what others see and less of a self serving disillusioned rat race to make money.
I want to survive in a world that I barely believe in. But I don’t know how to do that and maintain myself. How to reach a place of sustaining. How to make a career in working for myself instead of making money in a career working for someone else?
I don’t know; I wish I knew. I wish I knew….

I wish I knew how to grow mentality as well as spiritually. How to reach for the stars and sit amongst the clouds. Floating freely above it all. Weightless and spinning in and out of the sky with the birds in the heavens. Where I don’t have to think or worry or guess what’s next. Where I can know all the answers to all the questions that cloud my mind at 12 in the morning.

By C L Cunningham

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